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Alex Langrog

My name is Alex Langrog and I love chess. I'm also a chess coach for Success Chess and Weibel Chess.

When I was a kid I had many opportunities to play and study chess but did not take it. I didn't have the urge or motivation to take it serious. Then I met Coach Demetrius and he challenged me to challenge myself. So I began to study chess and volunteer with ShoreView Chess. The more I indulged myself into the subject of chess. I began to realize chess makes you think and consider alternatives. I began to apply this same thinking process to the decisions I make in my own life. Now each day that goes by I learn new things.

My goal as a chess coach and player is to give my students the same critical thinking skills I have obtained; so they gain the same opportunities I have gained and more. Thanks for reading and I hope chess inspires you, the way chess has inspired me. See you in chess class!
                                                                  -Coach Alex