Chess All Day

Every third Saturday of the month Shoreview Chess, host the "Chess All Day" event. Chess ALL Day is: four events happening on the same day, back to back. The events are Saturday Quads, Afternoon Swiss, Chess Class and Weekend Club. This is an amazing day for chess!

Chess ALL Day, Event Dates: 
 Oct 21 Nov 18 Dec 16

Participate in ALL Four Events $40
  • Saturday Quads
  • Afternoon Swiss
  • Tactics & Endgame Class
  • Weekend Club

Tactics & Endgame Class

This course is designed for all student levels. Know the basics and of how to play chess. Principles of tactics and endgame strategy will be taught to prepare students for competition.

Saturday Quads

Time Control: G/30
Rounds: 3
Prizes: Trophies
Sections: Players in groups of four near same rating
Prizes: Trophies
Registration & Check In > 09:30 AM
Round One Starts > 10:00 AM

Weekend Club

The weekend club meets on First, Second, Third Saturdays of the month, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 
Providing 3 hours of chess instruction, and continuous casual play! Overall giving students an opportunity to play chess with their friends in a low-stress environment. Assistance is always given to students. Variants of chess may be played.

Afternoon Swiss

Time Control: G/30
Rounds: 3
Prizes: Trophies
Sections: Open & Under 1000
Prizes: Trophies to players with scores 2.5 and higher
Registration & Check In > 12:30 PM
Round One Starts > 01:00 PM