November 2019

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Dates Events
11/01Marathon Rd 1
11/02Weekend Club
11/07Marathon Rd 2
11/08Marathon Rd 3
11/09G/60 Swiss
11/09Weekend Club 
11/10Livermore Class
11/14Marathon Rd 4
11/15Marathon Rd 5
11/16Saturday Quads
11/16G/60 Swiss
11/16Weekend Club
11/17Livermore Class
11/21Marathon Rd 6
11/22Marathon Rd 7
11/23Shoreview Closed
11/28Shoreview Closed
11/29Shoreview Closed
11/30Shoreview Closed 
Weekly Class Schedule
6:30 PM
Novice Beginner Class
6:30 PM
Beginner Class
6:30 PM
***Team Class
(Must be Rated 1300+)
5:30 PM
Beginner Class

6:30 PM
Friday Marathon
*5:00 PM
Weekend Club
**4:00 PM
 6:30 PM
Tactics & Endgame Class
 5:30 PM
Opening & Strategy Class

   6:30 PM
Thursday Marathon
*Weekend Club meet 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of month only.
**Livermore Chess Class meet 1st and 2nd Sunday of month only.
*** Wednesday Team Class (Must be Rated 1300+ to Attend)
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