Goins Chess Academy
Goins Chess Academy is a non-profit company founded by Demetrius Goins to provide chess lessons to kids. All tax deductible registration fees and donations will help pay for chess clubs in schools. It is our mission to educate students in planning, analysis and strategy through chess.

We believe that when a child learns chess they will build self-confidence, develop self-learning tools and learn how to evaluate their own decision making process. 

Our after-school chess club is fun and educational. Students will learn chess from trained instructors, and experience competition with others. Students who learn chess will sharpen their analytical and observation skills which will be very useful in many aspects of their life. We offer a safe, nurturing environment for kids to learn abstract concepts and compete with each other. 

Chess improves concentration, critical thinking, and logic. The process of making good choices and considering possibilities. Chess is also a social game and teaches the importance of behavior management and good sportsmanship.