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Your membership will support class instruction, tournaments, events and operational expenses. Your support ensures our organization continues to promote the educational benefits of chess.

Membership is open to scholastic chess players only. If you are looking for the best option and the highest level of success and quality, Shoreview Chess Membership is the way to go. Become a member today!

Benefits of Membership:
  • Always a place to play chess, challenge opponents or watch
  • Chess classes & lectures, all levels!
  • Practice, Study and  Participate in USCF rated tournaments as a Team
Membership Covers Participation In: (Event Calendar)
  • Weekly Chess Classes
  • Weekend Club
  • Saturday Quads
  • Afternoon Swiss 
  • Thursday and Friday Marathon
Membership Does Not Cover:
  • Shoreview Chess Camps
  • Select Events


SVC Membership 
$100 Per Month

SVC Mem + Sibling
$160 Per Month

SVC Beginner
(Unrated or Rated U300 )
$70 Per Month

SVC Weekend Only
$60 Per Month

Livermore Chess Class
$60 Per Month