Saturday Quads
Scholastic Chess Event... USCF Rated!
Date: DEC 16

Entry Fee: $25
Time Control G/30
Rounds: 3

Registration & Check In > 09:30 AM
Round One Starts > 10:00 AM
Prizes: Trophies
Sections Players will be placed in groups of four near same rating
Location: 43034 Christy Street Fremont, CA 94538
Questions or Concerns Email:


Art Work Designed By Enya & Shivangi


Please register early! *Capacity is limited to 40 participates. Registration will be closed at the 40th participate. **Arrive and check-in by 9:30am. Failure to check-in risk not being paired. ***In Quads there are no byes. Meaning you must play all three games. ****USCF Monthly Published Ratings Assigned