Terms of Service

Shoreview Chess may change services, membership plans,  and any other terms at any time and without notice to parties involved. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Membership Change Request
If you are a current Shoreview Chess member and would like to request a membership change. All membership change request must be made to http://www.shoreviewchess.com/Contact  

Membership Cancellations:
You may cancel at anytime... Shoreview Chess will not assume your cancellation under any circumstance! All membership types are recurring monthly charges. Your cancellation must be by the Shoreview Chess cancellation form. The cancellation form can be found at http://www.shoreviewchess.com/Contact

Late Pick Up Fee
Late pick up fee ($10) will be charged 15 minutes after the end time. Then you will be charged additional $10 for every 15 minutes there after.
Example: Pick up/ End Time 8:00 pm
(15 minutes late) 8:15 pm = $10
(30 minutes late) 8:30 pm = $20
(45 minutes late) 8:45 pm = $30
(60 minutes late) 9:00 pm = $40

United States Chess Federation Membership (USCF)
It is mandatory that all Shoreview Chess members have  (and be current) membership with the United States Chess Federation. 
If you do not have a USCF membership or have an expired USCF membership.  Shoreview Chess will contact the USCF and process a membership on your behalf and you will be charged the USCF annual membership fee. A USCF membership is required to participate in rated chess tournaments.

All transactions are final. Absolutely no refunds regardless of any circumstance! No Exceptions. Shoreview Chess will not provide any substitutions, make-up class/tournament or provide alternative schedule. 
***For non-members tournament participate. If the participate misses a tournament the he/she is registered with payment. The registered participate can play in the next scheduled tournament. If the registered participate misses the next scheduled tournament. The participate will then forfeit their registration fee.  

Liability Waiver: 
I (being the parent or guardian of the registered) hereby voluntarily waive, release and discharge Shoreview Chess LLC and all its subsidiaries, its Board of Directors, officers, teaching staff and employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, rights of actions, or legal proceedings of injury, loss or damage to personal property associated with activities during the class, tournament and any other class related event or community events. Even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the persons or entitles mentioned above. I voluntarily waive liability of all claims for damages for death, personal injury or property which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me, as a result of participation in said event. This release is intended to discharge any claims in advance to Shoreview Chess LLC and all its subsidiaries, affiliates, its officers, employees, teaching staff or agents from liability, I acknowledge that I understand the waiver described on this form. Waiver is made to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. I acknowledge and give consent by registering my child in the Shoreview Chess tournament and/or chess class under my own free will. It is understood that some recreational activities involve an element of risk or danger of accidents, and knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs and assigns. 

Medical Release Waiver:
I hereby give my consent to the applicant (student) treated by a physician or surgeon in case of sudden illness or injury while participating at Shoreview Chess. It is understood that Shoreview Chess LLC, its affiliates and subsidiaries provide no medical insurance for such treatment, and that the cost thereof will be at Parent/Guardian expense. If a personal physician is listed or emergency phone number, every effort will be made to contact. However, the location of the activity or the nature of the illness or injury may require the use of emergency medical personnel.

Photo Release:
Photographs and/or video of students are taken periodically in the classroom, in class, at class related events, tournaments or locations where the class is held to be used in class bulletins, art projects, website, yearbook, promotional materials, trophy accomplishments and/or by any other media. I give my permission to photograph and videotape the student/participate for the above purposes.

By registering with Shoreview Chess for any event or membership means: That you have read and understood the liability release, parental consent, consent to treat, photo release and agree to all their terms and conditions. You give consent for your son/daughter registered to participate in the event /activity. You agree to all terms and conditions and execute the above Liability Waiver, Medical Release and Photo Release on his/her behalf.

Student Obligations
Be ready to learn: Make sure you are ready and able! Minimize all distractions. Focus and give undivided attention to your chess lesson. Chess Class is an learning environment the student is expected to be well behaved. I expect to start lessons close to the agreed time. It is a waste of time for students to learn chess theory without playing games. Practice makes perfect! The student should play either standard (G/15 and slower) or 5-minute blitz games each week for at least a time equal to the length of your regular lesson. I recommend playing on Chess.com, ChessKid.com and ChessMagnetSchool.com. Students may also fulfill this requirement by playing rated games. If you are very busy one week (e.g. school projects or tests) then you should not miss practice the next week. I assign specific homework from time to time. I expect my students to complete their homework without reminders. I do understand that some students are busy with school and I will respect that when setting due dates for chess homework. 
Be respectful! This may be self-explanatory during lessons, but it also applies at tournaments. I expect you to be friendly and polite towards all chess players, including your opponents, tournament directors, other adults and even your peers.

All students, members, tournament participates and parents should read this contract carefully. If you don’t understand the rules, then don’t hesitate to ask what I mean. I’ll try to keep it simple. If you break a rule, then likely I will simply talk to you about it. For repeated or severe violations, I reserve the right to issue sanctions, including extra homework or special assignments, temporary suspension and, in the worst case, termination of Shoreview Chess membership.

Parent/Guardian Obligations
Please make sure that your child is ready for lessons at the correct time and has completed the weekly practice and any homework. You can contact Shoreview Chess with chess related questions or concerns at any time (
http://www.shoreviewchess.com/Contact). I also welcome feedback on lessons and student progress. If your child cannot attend a lesson, please contact us at http://www.shoreviewchess.com/Contact
If a private lesson and you need to cancel, send email notice at least 48 hours in advance. I understand that last minute conflicts do occur, but I still appreciate a brief email or even a phone call.

Accepted Payment Methods for non-member payments: Personal Check Made Out to "Shoreview Chess", Paypal and Stripe. 
Accepted Payment Methods for Shoreview Chess Members: Recurring Payment, Stripe
Please let me know if you wish to make special arrangements to make payment. 

ALL Shoreview Chess Membership payments are by auto-payment. At the time of registration you agree to auto-payment. This makes the payment process easier for both parties. Please note: You may cancel at anytime. Shoreview Chess will not assume your cancellation under any circumstance! Your cancellation must be by the  Shoreview Chess cancellation form. The cancellation form can be found at http://www.shoreviewchess.com/Contact

Teacher obligations
Students learn best when they have a good time. Hence, it is my job to explain a variety of complex chess concepts in an interesting way. My lesson preparation draws from material that I have accumulated over the years, including the student’s own games. I tailor each lesson to the skill level, strengths and weaknesses of the student. After each session, I record some comments to track what we covered and generate ideas for the next lesson. I coordinate the schedules of all students on a weekly schedule. If I'm late to an appointment, I will try my best to let you know by email or phone call. Yes, I do sometimes need to cancel lessons. I will do my best to notify students and parents by email well in advance. Typical reasons for cancellations include: holidays, chess tournaments and travel, family obligations and once in a while even a short break from all chess activities.